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Our Projects

Empowering Women in Waste Management

Waste Management Training

Rwanda is one of the most vulnerable countries in Africa to environmental degradation and climate change mainly due to poverty, lack of awareness, lack of access to knowledge.

Degradation of environment and ecosystem is a phenomenon caused by most of the anthropogenic activities and the non-care of environmental protection. Thus, the floods of 1997, the drought in the year 2000 and the land slides in 2013 respectively and are clear examples.

Women have less access than men to productive resources, services and opportunities, such as land, livestock, financial services and education. Numerous studies underscore the social costs of rural women's lack of education and assets, linking it directly to high rates of under nutrition, infant mortality, etc.

Women are more vulnerable to the environmental degradation and climate change, Kelly and Adger (2007) define vulnerability in terms of the ability of individuals and social groupings to respond to (in the sense of cope with), recover from and adapt to, any external stress placed on their livelihoods and well-being.

Rwanda Initiative for Socio-Economic-Empowerment “RISE” members in partnership with a women association called ‘’Réseau Culturel Sangwa’’ has conducted a participatory analysis of the situation of the management of household waste and especially their environmental impact.

  • Goals

To empower women for ensuring an equal and effective participation of women and men in all environmental protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  • Overall Objectives

To contribute to the protection of the environment through the reduction of greenhouse gases emission from municipal waste in Musanze District.

  • Specific Objective
  1. To strengthen the capacity of the project's targeted groups of  women.
  2. To empower women through waste recycling.


Youth Community Library


The purpose of the establishment of a community library designated "KICILIRO LIBRARY COMMUNITY" is to contribute to the reduction of illiteracy in Rwanda by providing  a library for the Youth to enable essential services for young people.

The library also would be available for general community use. It is envisaged that the new facilities will be an inviting and vibrant community space where the community, particularly young people, can meet, connect, interact, counseling and enjoy a range of social and recreational activities.